Palm Beach Sandals x Susan Albright Collaboration!

First off, I hope you all are having a fabulous start to your week! Living in south Florida we have been watching hurricane Ian and praying that it doesn’t come our way, which luckily it looks as though it is staying to our west. Thank goodness for us, but please say your prayers for the west coast of Florida!

…. If you all don’t know, which I think most of you do, I am one of the proud owners of a sandal brand called, Palm Beach Sandals! For the past month or so we have been working with the fabulous Susan Albright on a couple of sandals that would go with her gorgeous dresses for the fall season! If you don’t know the Susan Albright brand, you absolutely need to!

To give you a little background about Susan, Susan creates not just fashionable clothing, but she also designs home decor with her unique prints. Her brand is chic, classic and just so sophisticated. When I received my dress, I could tell right away that the quality was top notch! You can definitely see the passion in her clothing!

Some of the qualities that I loved about us coming together to create this line of sandals was that all of her pieces are locally made in her hometown of Pawleys Island, SC just like how our tops and the assembly of our sandals are made right here in West Palm Beach, FL.

Patricia from Piqued PR connected the both of us, which in my opinion is a match made in heaven! Susan’s brand plus Palm Beach Sandals just went together perfectly! To start this collab, Susan sent over four different fabrics from her new line and then matched each print with a leather color that complimented each of them.

We have the Pawleys Toile (my favorite)

The Daisy

Leopard Crab

Fuchsia Gator

I am just so incredibly happy with how each one of them turned out and to just see them come to life was so much fun! Can’t wait to work together again in the future!

If you are interested in purchasing yourself a pair here in the link that will take you straight there: PALM BEACH SANDALS X SUSAN ALBRIGHT, plus our website is having a major SALE! Everything is $25 OFF until Sunday, October 2nd! Enjoy and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!



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