It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus!

Happy Friday! I can’t believe that Halloween is in about 13 days! I have been struggling to find a topic to write about, but I think I have it! I will be talking about all things Halloween! I will be showing you my favorite costumes, treats, party ideas, places to go, traditions & all things spooky! So let’s get into it!

I love this time of year because my husband and I love to Boo our neighbors! Have you ever heard of Booing your neighbors? I never knew about this until I met my husband, so what we usually do is take a little Halloween inspired bucket, fill it with candy, fun cupcake mix, a fall candle, stickers, and fun little trinkets. Then you have to print out a sign that you’ve been booed & how they need to pass it along. I will attach the template that I have used over the years. Once you fill your bucket, you pick which lucky neighbors will be Booed with your Boo Basket! The thing is when you Boo someone you have to ring or knock on the door and run away. Your neighbor is not to know who did it. This is seriously so fun, I almost pee my pants every time I see my hubby run away from a house so he doesn’t get caught.

Here are some examples:                                              This is our BOO Basket from last year!

You’ve Been Booed Halloween Boo Basket with the best homemade Rice Krispie Treats. Tips and recipe at            IMG_8466.PNG

                           Free Printable You've Been Booed Tags for HalloweenYou've Been Booed Instructions                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Usually, after we Boo our neighbors, we like to go to the pumpkin patch the next day. I love having a pumpkin spice coffee in my hand while trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin! We are not sure about the type of carving we will be putting on our pumpkin this year, but here are some pictures from last year!

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

EC44FB7D-936A-4A6E-8591-C8D519C1F533 6323D957-AF1F-43D6-9A6A-F8636CE6C438 265ADF8C-800B-4AE3-B52B-B1E8C46D5CD5

I let him do the dirty work! 🙂     Tory being her curious self.               The finished product!

IMG_5355       IMG_5357       IMG_5361

The place to get the best Halloween Party ideas is obviously Pinterest! I could spend hours looking for ideas! This year I have been more into a fun/spooky decor, so I will be showing you easy ways to decorate your house & yummy/creepy treats.

Make a statement with these fun DIY Pinterest ideas. Isn’t this the perfect ghost centerpiece! You can dress it up with fall or Halloween decor. These spider web hanging balls are so amazing and will make a statement in your yard! These spooky Halloween doors are the perfect last-minute idea to make your apartment or house fun for those trick or treaters!

70 Easy Halloween Decorations Party DIY Decor Ideas         44 Easy Halloween Decorations Party DIY Decor Ideas        Halloween door decorating ideas!  These Halloween doors are simply the cutest!

I love decorating but making fun treats is my second favorite thing to do during the holidays. I found the cutest Halloween snacks, desserts and small dishes. Aren’t these a fun way to decorate a Reeses cup! Now I’m calling these your Hocus Pocus cookies, a great little treat to bring to a party! Aren’t these white chocolate mummy pretzels spooktacular! I saved the best for last, who doesn’t love Rice Krispy Treats?! I thought this was the number one for a perfect sweet treat at any Halloween party! The best way to serve your guest at any party are finger foods and these mummy hot dogs are just perfect! These black olive spider pizza bites are so adorable, I will be making these Halloween nights for sure! This Jack-O’ Lantern Chips & Dip appetizer is so cute, I just can’t! This is a genius idea!

Easy, cute, festive, and fun-to-make Halloween treats -- each with four ingredients or less. Monster eyeballs, witches hats, witches brooms, and bat bites. Video tutorial included! Recipes via   #octobermemes #fallmemes #halloweentreats #nobakehalloweensnacks #nobakehalloweendesserts These fun and delicious White Chocolate Mummy Pretzels from Danelle over at Let’s Dish Recipes are a simple Halloween treat perfect for your kids parties this year!  Reis Krispie Treat Monster  #krispie #monster #treat

These Are the Top Halloween Ideas of 2018, According to Pinterest. Need halloween food ideas for kids, and adults? These treats are welcome at all parties. Lots of snacks, appetizers, and even fog drinks. Try these mummy dogs made with crescent rolls and little smokies or hot dogs.      20 Spooktacular Halloween Party Appetizers That'll Wow Your Guests   Jack-O' Lantern Chips & Dip

If you live in Florida this will be a place that you might want to check out, if you aren’t then you might want to skip over this part. If you aren’t able to make it to Disney or Universal this year, you need to put it on your list for next year. You have to stop by and see the parks all decorated for Halloween! Hubby and I went two weekends ago and it was a blast!

B740D00E-0C0A-4AF1-AE63-27F4D5C9581E.JPEG    EA8B7B84-0A23-41B4-A3B7-E264E8947AA0    9848563B-EC24-444B-85B4-453E79344FAE

DA403D5C-FF77-4AF4-B69E-C5A67EC2BE6C.JPEG                   350C22FF-38D2-4FED-AB71-734C864ED8D1.JPEG

It’s costume time! What are you going to be for Halloween? I know I’m too old for trick or treating, but I can still have fun and dress up! Next weekend we are heading to Nashville to see our close friends. We went their last year the weekend before Halloween and it is so much fun. There are lots of different festivities that are going on during the weekend that we will be there and we couldn’t be more excited! I have my costume picked out already! Last year I was Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus and this year I will be Cruella De Vil! I love having an excuse to dress up! I have linked a bunch of different fun Halloween costumes here! I hope you enjoyed my Halloween themed blog post!

69AD4490-1F19-4BA4-8A22-E71C7B524D22.JPEG  Anatomy of a Disney Character's Style: Cruella De Vil | Disney StyleThis post contains the best modest Halloween costumes for women. The costume ideas include DIY, Disney, dresses, and fun and creative ones too. One of the costumes is a down the rabbit hole costume. #halloween #halloweencostumes

It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus!











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