Just a day at the office!

So I finally finished putting everything away from our move to our new, beautifully refurbished apartment. The room that I have the most fun decorating is my office/guest room. I always try and make the rest of our apartment cozy and warm, but then I to have one room for my fun, colorful and tropical side. I don’t know if you all have the same problem, but I have two sides to me when it comes to decorating. I love decorating with bright, tropical, fun colors and patterns, but then I also love cozy, warm, rustic and cottage feels. 

Today, I want to share where I got all my furniture and accent pieces for my setting area in my office. I try to get pieces that are reasonably priced and are good quality.  


I was so impressed in these chairs , especially because they are from Walmart! Ever time I tell someone where I got my chairs they can’t believe that they came from there. My favorite part about these chairs are the distressed legs, they are perfect for a beach inspired theme. 


Now this table is beautiful online, but even more beautiful in person! It took me forever to find an accent table that fit the theme that I was going for. I love the contrast in the white base and the light wood top. 


Isn’t this mug the cutest! I think it’s my favorite one for those bright summer mornings! 


For fun and tropical touches I put up a gallery wall. I wish I could link these, but everything is from HomeGoods except for the frames with Lilly Pulitzer prints. I made these frames with Lilly Pulitzer prints from old magazines and hand bags. 


This is the finished look! I am so happy with the way it turned out. In our older apartment we had a big bulky couch in our guest room that took up so much space. When we moved we donated it and so I had a fresh start on how I really wanted my office to look. I put in a setting area for more room and to make it feel more spacious. The rug is from HomeGoods and the wicker elephant is from Target. I hope you enjoyed reading! Have a wonderful day!



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