Weekend getaway to see the fam!

So last weekend we hit the road to go see my husband’s family in Jacksonville, Florida (on the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again, haha sorry I just had to). I always love when we can just get away from work and go see our family, which we haven’t seen in 7 months. It is crazy how fast our nieces and nephew are growing! I swear they grow like weeds, they seriously need to stop!


It is always a blast getting to be with them, they are so full of energy and make us feel so loved. Aubrey the oldest one reminds me of myself. She likes doing arts and crafts, baking and always loves new clothes and accessories. Now Macy, she is the middle child and the wild child. She loves gymnastics, dance and playing outside with her Uncle Pete. Lastly the youngest, Roger, but he likes to be called, bubby. He is so adorable! He is always playing with his trucks and just doing what little boys do.


While we were there we went to see my sister-in-law’s parents’ house, which is beautiful. They live right in Doctors Lake. Right when you walk into their house you see the water. The kids went swimming and took the boat out for a little ride. It was so fun just chilling out with everyone, it has been too long. 





IMG_0994If you are like me I just love being with my family, it makes me feel so warm on the inside. I am truly blessed! PS. Thank you Ginger for watching the Greatest Showman with me, it was so good! 


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